Friday, October 09, 2015

Eddie Huang X SCION Presents: Shellfish or Better EP

Eddie Huang is the famous (infamous?) food personality from Vice's Fresh Off the Boat (now renamed Huang's World) webseries and restaurateur/owner of New York's BaoHaus.  He is also the former host of the Cooking Channel's Cheap Bites and a former attorney to boot.  His biography "Fresh Off the Boat: A Memoir" has recently been adapted into an ABC sitcom and is currently in it's second season.  You can say that the man wears many hats, and his most recent one seems to be a fresh new fitted courtesy of car company SCION and comes to us in the form of a curated EP collection.

"Shellfish or Better" compiles tracks from all walks of Hip Hop, and features Keith Ape the South Korean rapper of "It G Ma" fame, Atlanta vet FATHER, ATL newbuck Playboi Carti, self-described 'Goth Cholo' duo Prayers, BK MC Manolo Rose and Texas-based Maxo Kream and more.  This eclectic collection is available for stream and free download below.  Praise due to the Human Panda and Toyota baby! ~GodzIL

Download Here:

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Marvel Studios Phase 3 Updates Announced, along with confirmation for an Ant-Man Sequel

Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has officially reached its conclusion with the release of Marvel’s “Ant-Man” this past Summer, so now seems like the perfect time to announce Phase 3! This phase includes a sequel to said film, with Paul Rudd returning as Scott Lang alongside Hope Van Dyne on July 6, 2018 with Marvel’s “Ant-Man and the Wasp” (this will mark the first Marvel Studios film that is named after a heroine.)  Marvel’s “Black Panther” starring Chadwick Boseman is moving up to a February 16, 2018 release and Marvel’s “Captain Marvel” will land on March 8, 2019.  Additionally there will be three untitled Marvel Studios films coming out on May 1, 2020, July 10, 2020, and November 6, 2020.

Phase 3 looks pretty eventful as things seem to be moving along smoothly; rumors are that Black Panther may have found a writer with Marvel In-house writer Joe Robert Cole.  Cole is also attached to pen Marvel’s “Inhumans” which will likely be one of the untitled films announced for Phase 3.  No one has been cast for the role of Captain Marvel as of yet, but the rumors are that the short list includes Emily Blunt (Looper, Edge of Tomorrow) Charlize Theron (too many awesome movies to name) and Rebecca Ferguson (Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.) MMA fighter Ronda Rousey has also been campaigning for the role, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige proclaiming that he “loves” the fact that she is campaigning for it (which is a rather ambiguous statement.)  Others have also campaigned for Vikings star Katheryn Winnick, an idea we thoroughly endorse!

Ant-Man has earned $178.5M domestically and $231.3M internationally for a global total of $409.8M. It's the #9 film of the year domestically.  It will open in its final international market, China, on October 16. The movie followed one of this year’s biggest blockbusters, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” which has earned $458.9M domestically and $946M internationally for a global total of $1,404.9M, making it the #2 film of the year domestically and the #6 film of all time globally.

Stay tuned for more news to come. ~GodzIL

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Dark Horse to release Mœbius Library in an upcoming Hardcover Series

Independent Comic book company Dark Horse (home to Hellboy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and dozens of other popular licensed and independent titles) has just announced that they will be releasing the library of Mœbius in a series of hardcover volumes available for the first time in nearly 20 years!  Mœbius (real name Jean Giraud) was a highly influential artist whose work has helped to define the landscape of science fiction and fantasy comics. He was also frequently showcased in film, with his work being used or inspiring movies such as Alien, Tron, The Fifth Element and more (he has also helped with  set and character design for Alejandro Jodorowsky's infamously unreleased treatment of DUNE.)  The legendary artist passed away on March 10, 2012.

Mœbius has been a huge inspiration for illustrators everywhere, so this is a monumental announcement to say the least!  “As a true visionary in the comics medium, it is a pleasure to once again publish collections of Mœbius’ work,” said Dark Horse president and publisher Mike Richardson. “His influence on contemporary comics is undeniable, and it’s a true honor to be working with Isabelle Giraud, his wife and partner, to help ensure that his legacy will continue to live on for a new generation of readers.”

 More information on The Mœbius Library will be available soon, so check back for updates.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Run the Jewels - Meow the Jewels [FREE Download] + Adult Swim Single

Last September around the time the second Run the Jewels album was set to be released - a Kickstarter program was started to raise money for a remix of it.  But this was no ordinary remix album.  El-P (one half of the Run the Jewels duo that also includes rapper Killer Mike) infamously tweeted that if they raised $40,000 he would release a remix of the album using only cat sounds.  What started as a joke snowballed into something huge as famous producers such as Prince Paul, Bauer and Just Blaze and more all started saying that they would sign on to the project if it was made a reality!  Just Blaze even offered to release a kit of all his drums from 2001-2005 if this came to fruition. El-P also stated that if the 40K Kickstarter goal to fund the project was reached he would donate his portion of the money to a charity directly benefiting the families of Eric Garner and Mike Brown.

Needless to say the goal was reached, and a year later MEOW THE JEWELS is here for free download!  There's even a brown vinyl version available for purchase that has FAUX FUR on the cover!  No need to fret about the high price tags either, all profits from the sales of the vinyl of this album will be going to charity.  As a bonus we have also linked the first single from the soundtrack to Shan Nicholson's recent documentary Rubble Kings. The film chronicles the gang violence of Seventies New York City – and how hip-hop culture arose from it.  The track is is produced by RTJ-collaborator Little Shalimar and is being released for free download courtesy of Adult Swim who will also be releasing a limited edition t-shirt / art print (linked below as well.)

Download Meow the Jewels:

Download Rubble Kings Theme:

Buy the Shirt Here:

Monday, September 21, 2015

Ruby the Hatchet - Ouroboros [FREE Download]

I saw Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats at the Metro this past weekend and they killed it.  It's amazing that just the year before they were playing the [much smaller] Empty Bottle, it seems their popularity is growing rapidly by the minute.  They're currently on a North American Tour in support of their new album "The Night Creeper" and they've brought a few like-minded bands with them for support.  It's been a long time since I've seen an opening band that I've never heard of that has blew me away, and New Jersey doom quartet Ruby the Hatchet did just that!  Their retro psych rock hooked me instantly after hearing their organ player and it seemed I wasn't the only one since the Metro roared with approval after every song.  After buying their latest album "Valley of the Snake" I was excited to see that their 2012 album Ouroboros was actually available for free download on their Bandcamp!  You can download said album below and catch them and Uncle Acid on their remaining North American tour dates, and be sure to pick up Valley of the Snake and The Night Creeper if you do so! (remaining tour dates after the jump.)

Download Here:


Friday, September 11, 2015

Begotten - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [FREE Download]

This is an absolute find! The original soundtrack to the 90’s 'WTF am I watching' cult classic film; Begotten has been released as a free download. Although it seems to be mastered as one long track, the Bandcamp page does provide track titles that correspond to occasional audible breaks in the music. The first track ‘Undead’ recalls the Residents at their most ominous, with its haunting synths and the constant hum in the background. The second track ‘The Dark Fair’ starts off kind of dance-y with a stuttering rhythm that soon overtaken by those haunting synths. One track features some neoclassical piano that borders on new age, which I can't recall being in the film. Quite unsurprisingly, there is a large chunk of industrial ambience that recalls the soundtracks from other dark, bleak black & white cult films such as Eraserhead and Tetsuo The Iron Man. While it doesn't quite measure up to those soundtracks, it’s a mostly interesting listen in its own right. ~P

Download Here:

DO312 & Goose Island Presents: Yelawolf, DJ Klever, ShowYouSuck & Lili K 09/13/15 Chicago [FREE Show]

DO312 is one of Chicago's best places to find out about concerts and events, and this time they're teaming up with Chicago brewery Goose Island to throw one a doozy of an show!  Shady Record's very own Slumerican Yelawolf will be performing and bringing along his DJ former DMC Champion Klever to perform a set as well.  Opening for them is Chicago's very own up and coming power couple rapper ShowYouSuck and singer Lili K!  This will be the duo's first performance together so you won't want to miss out, the fire they bring to their own shows will make this combined one a must-see event!

The show will take place Sunday September 13th at The Chop Shop and coincides with DO312's launch of their "DoStuff" app.  Doors open at 9pm and this is a 21+ event.  To gain free entry to the show you can download the app with the secret code below and then RSVP.

Download the iOS app here with code "PARTYBETTER" then RSVP for free entry: DoStuff
(*Android version coming soon)


The Chop Shop
2033 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647