Monday, September 15, 2014

Merzbow X Boiler Room at Dommune [Video & Audio Download]

Boiler Room is back again with another experimental offering in their series of online concerts! This time they highlight the mighty Merzbow live from Dommune Studio in Tokyo. This set in particular is likely to confuse, or downright alienate their normal dance-seeking audience, so I commend the Boiler Room for expanding their coverage and fanbase.  This harsh noise set sees Merzbow at his best, returning to his roots of guitar pedals, contact mics and homemade instruments as opposed to the laptop noise he has been creating in previous years.  Watch the 20 minute set above and download the audio at the link below [Editors Note: The link for the audio seems to be down at the moment, we will post it once its back up again.] - GodzIL

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bridesmaid / The Swan King / Waspkeeper / DJ Eddie Gobbo at Empty Bottle [FREE Show]

Empty Bottle comes through once again with another free show! Just RSVP at the link below for free entry, and here's what they had to say about the lineup for this Sunday:

"From the bowels of central Ohio, BRIDESMAID has been sculpting heavier than thou, punishingly loud "doom n' roll" since their inception in 2009. As an instrumental group with two bassists, one drummer and a massive red beard, they combine to create some of the best sounds coming out of the metal underground these days. For this return trip to the Empty Bottle, BRIDESMAID will be saying goodbye to their original drummer and bringing along their new drummer for a dual drums, dual bass attack that will have you shaking in your shit-stained shorts. Opening will be local faves THE SWAN KING and new Chicago heavy-hitters, WASPKEEPER"

Free Jazz AND free Metal? This is one lucky weekend for Chicago!

RSVP Here:

Sunday, Aug 31, 2014 9:00 PM
Empty Bottle
1035 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
21 years and over

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Teeko - Boiler Room [Video/FREE Download]

Boiler Room is a website that hosts live music sessions with an invite-only audience in mostly private locations, and then streams the performances live on their website and through services such as YouTube.  They started in March 2010 in London and has since hosted sessions with such notable artists such as Thom Yorke, Flying Lotus, Carl Cox, Erykah Badu, Madlib and more.  Though the artists they host mostly perform DJ sets, they recently hosted a session with Japanese stoner rock trio Boris and noise Godfather Merzbow.

The session we're featuring here is a set from turntablist/producer Teeko in San Francisco, whom famed producer Mark Ronson called "The most insane & creative turntablist I have ever worked with" and who DJ Jazzy Jeff himself said was "...the funkiest most soulful turntabilist I have ever seen..."  This is a great set that combines some live keys, a rare Vestax Controller One Turntable, and live remixing via Traktor.  You can stream it live above and also go to the link below and download the audio of the 46 minute session for free.  Definitely worth checking out, this guy deserves much more shine. -GodzIL

Download here (Registration Required):

Friday, August 15, 2014

Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2014 Guide

Wizard World’s Chicago Comic Convention in Rosemont returns next week and we’re not exaggerating when we say this may be the biggest one yet!  In terms of entertainment (both on the big, and small screens) we don’t think there’s ever been a guest roster this large or prestigious!  Four days of nerd-madness starts Thursday August 21st, and Idol Threat is here to help with a guide to all the guests and events!  Click on the jump to expand the complete guide and get details on schedules and where to buy tickets:

As always there will be plenty of comic creators visiting this year’s Chicago Wizard World, along with an ample-sized Artist’s Alley!  Legends Stan Lee, Neal Adams, Marv Wolfman and Mike Zeck will be gracing us with their presence!  We’re not sure we remember any local con in recent memory that Marv Wolfman has attended; his writing in The New Teen Titans and Crisis on Infinite Earths are seminal works of comic history.   Leinil Yu (Wolverine), SPIKE TV SCREAM AWARD WINNER Arthur Suydam, Mike McKone, Salvador Larroca (Iron Man), Greg Horn, 30 Days of Night’s Ben Templesmith, Ben Avery writer of The Oz/Wonderland Chronicles, 3-time EISNER Award Winner Geoff Darrow, James O’Barr creator of The Crow, Archie Comics artist Dan Parent, Heavy Metal magazine/Spawn the Impaler artist Rob Prior, Badger/Punisher artist Bill Reinhold and many more can also be found!...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mick Jenkins - The Water[s] (Free Download)

Southside Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins returns this week with his latest project “The Water[s]” and like most of his music this release is out for free download. This is his first full length album since he signed to Cinematic Music Group. I thought I posted about his other mixtapes months ago but I guess not. Hopefully this post makes up for that.

On the 2nd track THC Mick Jenkins sets up his reasoning for the album title (besides the obvious ‘flow’ references) by stating that water is the most important natural component that we have today, and that it has the ability to both heal and destroy. That’s pretty deep subject matter for a seemingly simple (if not overused) principle. Besides that the album as a whole does also have a liquid quality to it, with many of the ethereal beats sounding like they’re underwater. Yet instead of drowning or merely floating over these beats, Mick easily cuts through at the pace of a speedboat with lyrics as sharp as those found on his previous mixtapes. Much like the music of the new guard of young MCs such as Kendrick and fellow Chicagoan Chance, Mick demonstrates a love of lyricism that doesn't sacrifice musicality, and is often times a throwback to the Hip Hop of the 90s. I also appreciate the fact that he features at least one or two female rappers in his releases as well, although its hard to take focus away from Mick's lyrics which steals the show on nearly every track.

This guy’s got punchlines for days, but once I heard his rhyme scheme that ended with “everbody wanna be the back of a D. Rose” I was done. I can post more but if I did I may fuck around and make his whole album a quotable. I have a lot of favorites but the Helter Skelterish track with Joey Bada$$ is so good it makes me want an entire album of the two. Mick may rap that water is worth more than gold, but this release is worth way more than it’s free price tag. HIGHLY recommended. -GodzIL

Download Here: Mick Jenkins - The Water[s]

More FREE Mick Music:

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Primitive Man - P//M & Splits [Free Download]

Denver, Colorado doom trio Primitive Man comes from pretty good stock.  Their vocalist/guitarist was a former member of defunct grind favorites Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire and blackened doom band Withered, as well as being a member of the filthy band Vermin Womb.  Their debut on Relapse Records is heavy with hate and noise, with respite from the oppressive pummeling only coming from the short blasts of blackened grind sparsed in-between the doom.  It's an impressive debut to say the least.

To follow up the beast of an album, Primitive Man has issued a heavily noise-influenced cassette titled P//M and a few splits as well.  The cassette is currently sold out but you can still pick up a few of the 7 inch splits, and all 3 releases are available for free download or donation on their Bandcamp page.  The P//M tape is harsher than their 'normal' output, but there's surprisingly a few (relatively) mellow tracks that helps you endure the barrage without taking away from the overall ambience.  If you prefer their more 'traditional' sludge tracks you can check out their splits with Xaphan and Hexis.  We on the other hand recommend getting every last ounce of music from this band that you can, because they have yet to make anything not worth owning so far.  The releases are free but as always, try and donate what you can. -GodzIL

Download Here:

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Thou - Heathen & Compilations [FREE Downloads]

Our love of prolific New Orleans sludge masters Thou is no secret here, especially after our post about them offering [nearly] their entire discography for FREE. When it was announced that guitarist Andy Gibbs would be moving to Oakland, California we were fearful of a decline in their copious output.  Luckily our fears were assailed when they announced TWO EPs (one being a collaborative release with fellow sludgsters The Body) and another full length entitled "Heathen" all to be put out this year!  How the fuck do you top that you say? By offering 2 of those 3 releases AND MORE for FREE download/donation, that's how!

Thou has expanded upon their previous form of delivery for their free wares by creating a Bandcamp page that features most of their albums and various digital compilations of their EPs and splits.  They've also provided a thematic link to the artwork of all their Bandcamp offerings by giving them all new matching albums covers (similar to the one for Heathen featured above.)  You can download for free but we highly suggest giving some sort of donation since its almost a crime to offer all these masterpieces gratis, or purchase one or all of their vinyl and CDs at the links below -GodzIL:

Download Here:

Buy Heathen Here:

Thou Website: