Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Marvel Announces more details for Secret Wars 2015 at Live Event in Midtown Comics

Marvel held a live event at Midtown Comics in Manhattan this past Thursday, and clarified many questions people had about their upcoming crossover event. As previously announced, the eight-issue series Secret Wars by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic will come out in May of this year.

It has now been revealed that Secret Wars will mark the culmination of the incursion story that Hickman began at the outset of Marvel NOW with Avengers #1 and New Avengers #1 way back in 2012, and will brings together multiple continuities and alternative universes in a single “Battleworld.” What has also been confirmed at the live event is that this series will reshape the Marvel Universe as we know it. Marvel Universe’s main Earth — designated Earth 616 — will collide with the Earth of the Ultimate Universe. The result will be a melting pot of different universes that will forge the new Marvel Universe.  This will be the end of both the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe.

We originally thought this would happen last year when Earth 616’s Galactus invaded the Ultimate universe, but he only wreaked havoc on Earth leaving the rest of the Ultimate universe intact. This storyline is also reminiscent of DC’s famous 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover which also resulted in the combination of multiple earths and realities.

Secret Wars will kick off with a #0 issue on Free Comic Book Day May 3rd, which will also contain the first part of Marvel’s Attack On Titan manga crossover story. You can watch the announcement on YouTube, above (just fast forward through the first 13 minutes of technical difficulties.)

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Caught in the Middle Magazine: Issue 1 & 2 [FREE]

In 1994 underground Hip Hop educator-activist Kevin Beacham started Chicago-based hip-hop magazine "Caught in the Middle" after a stint as a writer for another Chicago based zine Fly Paper, as well as contributing to a variety of websites and Hip Hop magazines such as FifthElementonline.com, Urb Magazine and 312 Magazine. Unfortunately it didn’t last long, releasing only 2 issues in its brief career.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, founder Kevin Beacham is giving away digital copies of both issues of CITM! The magazines includes content from and about legendary Chicago rapper Common (Sense), The Nonce, The B.U.M.S, Funkytown Pros, Stedy Serv, Ang13, Art of Origin (Chino XL), Pink House, JUICE, JP Chill, Boogie Boy, Cash Money Brothers, J Bird, Elements of Nature, Twista, Cage, Company Flow, Beat Terrorists, Kool Keith, Godfather Don, Lumba Of Rubberoom and more! The mag published great interviews and unique articles, including a Hobo Junction VS Hieroglyphics lyrical analysis and a Redman Lyrical Analysis!

As long as we’re on the subject of Chicago Hip Hop, there is also currently a Chicago hip-hop documentary film project in production involving Kevin Beacham titled "Midway: The Story of Chicago Hip-Hop." The documentary will be directed by Ryan Brockmeier and is written by Ryan Brockmeier, Kevin Beacham and Maisy Draper. Expect that project to come out sometime in 2016.  You can find Dropbox links to download the issues below, as well as a link to the documentary website.

Download Issue 1: Caught in the Middle Issue 1

Download Issue 2: Caught in the Middle Issue 2

Midway: The Story of Chicago Hip-Hop

Monday, December 22, 2014

Tachyon Ghetto Blaster (Orko Eloheim & Kaigen)

Orko Eloheim is a prolific, underground avant-garde rapper/producer from the west coast of America.  San Diego, California to be exact.  Besides his solo work Orko is also known for being one-half of Nephlim Modulation Systems; along with MC Bigg Jus member of legendary underground New York Hip Hop group Company Flow.  Now Mr. Eloheim has formed another duo with Kaigen.  Kaigen is also a rapper/producer, but hails from Tokyo, Japan.  Together they form Tachyon Ghetto Blaster and have a free EP out now through Fake Four, Inc.

Kaigen is no stranger to west coast collaborations, as he has worked with many other Cali MCs such as 2Mex, Awol One, Busdriver, Myka 9 and Thavius Beck.  He is also the head of the Japan division of Fake Four, Inc.  I've always loved how the Japanese language sounded in rap, and Kaigen's rapid near-arrhythmic flow is especially captivating against his and Orko's futuristic beats.  The download for their 4-song debut EP01 includes the instrumentals of the tracks and features LA rapper Mestizo.  The EP seems to only be free until this Friday so act quickly, or you can throw a few bucks their way too:

Download here: fakefour.bandcamp.com

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ehnahre - Discography [FREE for a limited time]

I first discovered Boston band Ehnahre in 2008 when they released their first official album "The Man Closing Up" and was immediately blown away.  They play an avant-garde version of doom, blending experimental jazz and metal in a way that has evolved with every release since their inception in 2006.  Their membership has evolved every album as well, with bassist/vocalist Ryan McGuire and guitarist/vocalist John Carchia being the only consistent members.  Before forming (or 'reforming') most of the original band did a stint filling in the roster of fellow experimentalists Kayo Dot before leaving in 2006.

I say 'reform' because three of the members was already a band in high school and first called themselves Negative Reasoning, named after a song title on Eyehategod's "Dopesick" album: 'Non Conductive Negative Reasoning.'  They frequently abbreviated the name, referring to themselves as NR. When they reformed in 2006 after leaving Kayo Dot; former member D.J. Murray suggested they take NR and spell it phonetically. Thus became Ehnahre.

The band is currently recording the followup to their 2012 album "Old Earth" entitled "Douve," and have decided to give us a little treat in the interim.  All their previous material available on Bandcamp will now be "Name Your Price" until they are done recording "Douve."  So take advantage of this generosity quickly and donate a few duckets to them in the process if you can!

Download Here: ehnahremetal.bandcamp.com

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ehnahre

Friday, December 12, 2014

High on Fire announce FREE North American Tour

As if a new High on Fire album in the works wasn't news enough, the power sludge trio has also announced an upcoming tour with FREE tour dates courtesy of Converse Rubber Tracks! (Yes Converse the shoe company!) Converse Rubber Tracks is a community-based professional recording studio located in various cities where emerging musicians of all genres can apply for free studio time. If selected, artists can record in a professional setting at no cost while maintaining the rights to their own music!  The shows will coincide with Converse Rubber Tracks “pop-up” recording studios in each city.  This will be the first ever Converse Rubber Tracks Live Tour and will feature either Blackest or Arctic opening!

High on Fire have been busy recording a new album and have begun writing sessions in New Orleans, Los Angeles and Oakland this past spring.  Drummer Des Kensel has suggested that it'll sound something like "Sabbath's Master of Reality [played] backwards at 78 RPM."  Here's what head guru guitarist/vocalist/weedian Matt Pike had to say about the upcoming album:

"Des, Jeff [Matz, bass] and I are really getting creative and writing a hell of a new record...It's a crazy project and I can't really explain what it's all about just yet, but we've been writing a lot of crazy intense material that will up the ante, and bring things to another level."

Sign up for Recording time here: www.converse.com/rubbertracks

FREE Tour Dates:
August 12 – Boston at The Sinclair (RSVP Here)
August 14 – Toronto at Adelaide Hall (RSVP Here)
August 15 – Brooklyn at Music Hall of Williamsburg (RSVP Here)
August 19 – Los Angeles at The Echoplex (RSVP Here)
August 20 – San Francisco at The Chapel (RSVP Here)

Regular Tour Dates:
09/06 – Raleigh, N.C. at Hopscotch Festival (w/ Mastodon, Valient Thorr, etc.)
09/19 – Tampa, Fla. at The Orpheum
09/20 – Miami, Fla. at Grand Central
09/21 - Orlando, Fla. at Will’s Pub
09/22 – Motörhead’s Motörboat Festival Cruise
09/27 – Portland, Ore.at Dantes


Monday, November 17, 2014

Planning For Burial - How to Dress for Burial [Free]

Purportedly nothing more than drunken piss takes by Thom of Planning For Burial, this album is a lovely concoction of Twin Peaks style soundscapes and abstract synth-pop. The album title is of course a reference to slow-mo R&B act How to Dress Well, though this mixtape has no R&B influence to speak of, and the only resemblance to HTDW would be the ghostliness of it all. 

Untitled no. 1 is reminiscent of ‘In the Air Tonight’ but with drones and Untitled no. 2 sounds like Wreck & Reference at their sweetest/prettiest.  Untitled no. 3 is the weakest of the lot; a funeral mope that goes on forever. Untitled no. 4 has some pounding drum machine but the track never seems to really take off, while Untitled no. 5 ends the record on a hushed contemplative mood.  Overall this worth checking out if you are a fan of Planning For Burial. It’s currently up on Bandcamp as a “Name Your Price” option so you can download it for free, but we highly suggest contributing some money at least [there was a cassette version available which is now sold out.] ~P

Thursday, November 13, 2014

STN MTN/Kauai [FREE Download]

In October Childish Gambino put out his new mixtape STN MTN/KAUAI, a release that combines his 7th mixtape and 2nd EP. This free mixtape comes barely 10 months after the release of his last album "Because the Internet", and just may even be better than it as well. STN MTN is hosted by DJ Drama for his Gangsta Grillz series, which some may see as an odd pairing (probably even more so than the Little Brother Gangsta Grillz mixtape.) The collaboration works well however, as the pair creates an ode to Atlanta complete with skits imagining near-future Gambino as a multi-platinum, commercial success and ATL hero. The skits make sense with the album title referencing Stone Mountain and Glover spitting over well-known Atlanta instrumentals - it’s obvious that his hometown is important to him and recognition from that city even more so. This theme binds the two releases together, making his latest project one of his most cohesive.

The mixtape/EP features appearances from Kari Faux, Young Scooter and R O Y A L T Y (and Jaden Smith?!) as well as a few covers, remixes and surprises. Gambino does a remix of Kari Faux’s No Small Talk off the mixtape "Laugh Now, Die Later" and offers “U Don't Have to Call,” which is somewhat of an Usher cover, where he lays down some spoken word bars after singing the first verse of the song. Soon after the release of STN MTN some studious fans on the Childish Gambino message board discovered a hidden acapella within the code of the album. They later deduced that it matched up perfectly with the instrumental remix of 3005 on STN MTN, and Gambino confirmed it in a Tweet shortly thereafter. The mixtape ends with a tribute to the DJs and influential people who’ve supported Gambino throughout his career with his final track on the mixtape “Go DJ.” STN MTN/KAUAI proves that Donald Glover has come a long way from being an actor cum rapper and cements his place as a viable musician in his own right. ~Sumone

Download Here: www.datpiff.com

Website: childishgambino.com